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Commission Guidelines & Terms


- Since the price range for my commissions are relatively high, you must be an adult to place a commission. I do not accept requests from minors.


- My main area of focus is digital portraits of human in the styles of classical realism painters. Please consult me if you'd like to commission still life, animal or landscape paintings.


- I do not do non-realism, photo/hyper-realism, NSFW, bigotry, politics, & propaganda. Any other styles or themes I deem unsuitable would be also be declined.


- The more references, the merrier. Of course, I could make suggestions, but please at least have a rough idea of how your commissioned work should look like.



- All payments are collected as PayPal transfers.

- The total waiting time is 14 days for drawings, and 30-45 days for other formats after I notify you the start of your commission.


- "Tightly rendered styles" referred to in the commission information section include, but are not limited to: Van Eyck, Leonardo, Boticelli, Durer, Holbein, Hilliard, Ingres, Gerome, Bouguereau, Leighton, Sandys. They increase the total price by 20%.

- One revision is offered for monochrome drawings at the delivery of the monochrome draft.


- Two revisions are offered for other formats, the first at the delivery of the monochrome draft, and the second at the delivery of the coloured draft.


- A non-refundable deposit of half the order price is required at the delivery of the monochrome draft, even if you decide to not go further.


- The final payment (excluding deposit) is paid after the last revision. I will send the full-size, 320-dpi JPEG and the PSD source file via email upon receipt.


- The commissioned work is for non-profit personal use only. It can be custom-printed for private display, distributed amongst friends, shared on social media, &etc. I'd appreciate it if you'd credit me when sharing it online. For commercial projects, please consult me.


- I reserve the rights to put the commissioned work in my portfolio and share the final image on social media, unless specifically asked not to. Any part of the commissioned work shared on any SNS by me will be watermarked and low-res to prevent unauthorised uses.

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