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Hello, and well met! I'm an atelier-trained classical artist. I received my Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts and English Literature from Columbia University in NYC and studied traditional painting for 4 years at the Art Students League of New York. My techniques are largely based on the method originated from the French Academy in the 19th century. 


I am a thorough traditionalist when it comes to artistic discipline. Anatomical correctness and colour harmony take the most important roles in my works. I've been long fascinated by the sense of vintage and grandeur. Therefore, my inspiration mainly sources from “grand style” portraitists like Anthony Van Dyck, Joshua Reynolds and John Sargent. My subjects are always presented as their larger-than-life personas: brilliant, timeless, and somewhat detached from the troubles of the real world. Some may view it as a dated style of portraiture, but I unapologetically cling on to what I see as beauty.


Meanwhile, I’m not so much of a traditionalist concerning methods. Years of training in traditional painting has familiarised me with the working behaviour of oil paint. I am now experimenting with these knowledge in a digital context. Bringing a taste of classicism into the largely modern world of digital painting is my goal. I use Photoshop in a way that’s intensely aware of the features of real oil paint, like impasto and pigment transparency. Moreover, the digital world has opened a door for me to convincingly give my works that wonderful historical look - incorporating elements such as dust, yellowing, and craquelure, all of which may take hundreds of years to develop on a real painting. 

Distinctively modern in methods, but staunchingly classical in taste. This statement may sound slightly contradictory, but I am doing my best to practice it with my works.


Columbia University
New York, NY, USA

The Art Students League of New York
New York, NY, USA


Bachelor of Arts

English Literature & Visual Arts


Specialised Certificate

Oil Painting

Selected Awards

Honourable Mention

2023 3x3 Illustration Magazine Profession Show

Second Prize

2021 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize - iCanvas Digital Art Award

Best in the Show 'Red Dot' Prize

2020 The Art Students League of New York Annual Concours

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